This Is The Only Alcohol That Will Get You Better Sex

Drink away.

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Were you feeling lately like your sex life was a bit of a snoozefest? Then fear no more, because there is a solution to your problems, and its name is BOOZE.

Okay, not every type of alcohol in the world. No, the tipple that is going to improve your sex life is wine.

According to new research, your sex drive can reach unknown heights if you drink two glasses of red wine every day. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

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This revelation comes after the discovery of quercetin, a flavanol that can be found in red wine. If a man drinks red wine every day (with moderation), his testosterone levels will be much higher than those of a man who ignores the grape nectar. Shame.

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This high level of testosterone makes men have a strong desire to have sex. So don’t drink beer or vodka or whiskey, because the effects are definitely not the same.

And it affects women the same way, because the erogenous parts of their bodies get more blood flowing straight to them after drinking the miraculous two glasses of wine.

This is not short of a miracle, but the question here is: why haven’t we been told this before? We won’t be surprised if red wine sales skyrocket after this announcement. After all, it’s always been said that a glass of red wine a day was good for our health, right?

Well maybe it’s time to up that to two drinks.

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