This Is The One Thing Women Find More Attractive Than Good Looks

Turns out, it's all about this one personality trait.

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For years, men have been trying to find the secret to being completely irresistible to women.  

People have conducted extensive research, and even written books about the subject, but the answer could actually be way more simple than you’d think.

Now, you might think than being good looking would be the most important thing when it came to attracting members of the fairer sex. 

However, a new study has been conducted that shows one specific personality trait is the most important thing when it comes to the dating game.

So, what is the secret to being attractive to women? It’s simple: it’s all about confidence.

2,500 people took part in a study about attractiveness, which found that feeling confident about yourself was incredibly important.

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Feeling sure of yourself was rated as the most important characteristic for blokes on a first date in the study, which was conducted by BadRhino.

Kindness and a sense of humour are also pretty important according to the research – combine all three and you’re onto a winner.

Perhaps surprisingly, women also revealed that their biggest turnoff was a man offering to pay the entire bill on a first date. According to the date, women much preferred to split the bill equally.

“Our advice for men is be careful when jumping to foot the whole bill at the end of a date from now on,” BadRhino said. Hear, hear.

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