Study: The Main Reason People Stay In Shitty Relationships

‘Singlephobia’ could be the reason many of us don't quit toxic lovers

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What keeps a couple together when they’re making each other miserable? Is it habit, compassion for their former flame, or something far bleaker?

It will come as no surprise to some that a study has shown feeling for their significant other might not be the main reason people stay with their partners long after the honeymoon period has died.

In fact, it’s been revealed the reason many couples stay together is simple: people are afraid to break up with their other halves because they’re shit scared of being single.

‘Singlephobia’ is on the rise, and over half of Brits are stuck in unhappy relationships because they fear the idea of being alone.

In a study conducted by eHarmony, the idea of being alone is responsible for some pretty damning statistics.

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According to the study, 26 per cent of people in relationships are unsatisfied, and a huge 54 per cent of them are simply too scared to bring them to an end.

eHarmony psychologist Dr Linda Papadopolous explained the findings, saying: “Emotionally, this research picks up on something that I see time and again in my clinics – the fact that people have been unhappy for so long that they normalise their negative feelings – they become comfortable in their discomfort.”

She adds: “If this sounds familiar, I would recommend finding some time to re-evaluate your relationship, questioning whether it fits your current life goals. If it doesn’t, it could be of more benefit to learn to how to be happy as a single person as opposed to in a partnership with the wrong person.”

So, it turns out it’s fear – not love – that keeps us with that toxic partner.

It could just be time to bite the bullet and kick them to the curb for good.

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