The ‘Dirtiest’ Pint You Can Ever Order At The Pub Revealed

There's a serious problem with cleanliness in UK pubs, and it could be affecting you.

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There’s nothing quite like a nice cold pint down at your local boozer, right?

A cheeky session down the local can be one of the most joyous things in life, but it’s been revealed that there are hidden dangers to drinking at the pub that we should all be careful of.

Believe it or not, there’s a real issue with hygiene in pubs at the moment, specifically with the cleanliness of the tubes pints are served through.

Pub staff are supposed to clean the tubes connecting the tap to the beer barrels every week, but that sadly isn’t the case in a lot of places.

A new report by Cask Marque on British pubs has now revealed the ‘dirtiest’ pints you can possibly order in UK boozers, and it might just change the way you drink in them forever.

While you might associate ‘dirty pints’ more with weird university initiations and stag dos than quiet nights down the boozer, but it turns out a huge amount of us are drinking unclean pints on a daily basis.

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According to the new research, cider drinkers in particular are taking a real risk every time they order a pint, as a whopping 44% of tubes used to serve them around the country have been deemed “unclean”.

That means nearly half of the pints of cider ordered in the UK are served through tubes that haven’t been washed out properly.

Stout drinkers are also nearly as badly affected, with around 36% of pints pulled in the UK coming through unclean pipes.

Lager drinks hardly fare any better either, with 35% of premium lager pints running through dirty pipes.

The best results are with the ales, as 31% of keg ales and 29% of cask ales are affected by dirty pipes. That’s still a pretty big percentage though…

It’s pretty concerning stuff for pub enthusiasts everywhere – but will it put people off? Nah… probably not.

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