This Is How Much Conor McGregor’s Custom “Fuck You” Suit Would Cost

McCann Bespoke Tailoring revealed just how much that suit would set you back…

Conor McGregor in a suit.Image Harry How/Getty Images

Conor McGregor’s first face-to-face press conference with Floyd Mayweather Jr was memorable for any number of reasons, including his rather eye-catching suit.

Keen to look the part ahead of the $100 million fight with the undefeated Mayweather, McGregor came out in a striking three-piece pinstripe suit that soon had everyone talking.

It wasn’t simply that the suit was stylish in the extreme though – it also boasted a unique pinstripe design that had the words “Fuck” and “You” running down it in vertical succession.

Coming off like a sartorial version of the code from The Matrix the suit was as much a talking point in the immediate aftermath as both fighters’ incessant trash talking.

But how much would McGregor’s custom-made Fuck You suit actually set you back? loaded turned to London-based McCann Bespoke Tailoring for answers

The suit Can you see it yet?

Having closely studied the pictures circulating of McGregor in his striking new garb, they reckon that that sort of style definitely doesn’t come cheap.

For starters, the words “Fuck” and “You” appear to have been woven into the fabric, something that ensures quality but also bulks up the price a bit.

They also reckon McGregor’s three-piece suit has been made using wool cloth which, when factored in, inflates the price even further.

The overall cost for a Conor McGregor “Fuck You” bespoke suit? Somewhere in the region of £3,000 to £4,000 depending on where you shop.

Still, it’s not like McGregor can’t afford it. It’s just a shame Mayweather didn’t bother getting dressed up for the occasion too.

Don’t worry though: McGregor let him know how he felt about that:

The pair will do battle this August.
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