This Invention Will Improve The Way You Watch Television Forever

It’s called The Moderator and it’s here to solve an age-old Netflix conundrum.

A television's volume controls.
Turn It Up Wait No Turn It Down

As anyone who enjoys a Netflix or Amazon Prime binge will attest, one of the most frustrating things about watching movies or TV shows on television is also one of the simplest: volume control.

There will be countless scenes in which characters enjoy long, almost inaudible conversations which require the viewer to turn their television volume up to near maximum in order to be heard.

Then, out of nowhere, dramatic music or some kind of hi-tech special effect arrives and your TV set explodes in to life, waking up any dozing housemates or even neighours in the process.

Uneven sound control is a pretty common problem among today’s TV watching folk, but one New Zealand inventor reckons they have a solution.

It’s called “The Moderator” and it’s a small electronic chip that works behind the scenes to adjust volume levels up and down on your television without making things too quiet or too loud.

Designed to benefit those living in busy apartment blocks or anyone hard of hearing, the chip can be fitted to your set simply enough and activated or deactivated with the push of a button.

For inventor Forbes Williams, it’s an important breakthrough.

“If they could have the quiet bits a little bit louder in relation to the loud bits, or vice versa – just that dynamic range brought together,” she told NewsHub, who first broke the story of this innovation.

Due to arrive on the international market in the very near future, the way we watch television looks set to change for the better which means no more having to put the subtitles on to enjoy your favourite shows. 

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