This Invention Will Ensure You Never Have To Drink Warm Beer Ever Again

It’s called the Chillsner and it goes great with your pilsner. Or any other beer, actually.

The Chillsner for beer.
The Chillsner Chill Times Ahead

Warm beer. It’s right up there with heavy rain and Monday mornings in life’s list of utterly sh*t things.

We’ve all been there too, whether it be at a festival or after purchasing a crate or two for a party, barbecue or sporting occasion.

The problem is that, upon initial purchase, the bottles in question are rarely anything other than, at best, room temperature and, with the night in full swing, you need to be holding a drink.

If only there was a way to solve this particular problem quickly and without too much hassle…

Wait a minute, there is and it’s called the Chillsner.

Developed by Corkcicle, the Chillsner is a state-of-the-art spout that can be kept in the freezer until it comes time to drink.

The Chillsner in all of its glory.
The Chillsner A genius invention. Image Chillsner

Then it’s just a case of popping in the top of the bottle before enjoying a refreshing and totally cool – in more ways than one – drink.

“Cold Beer. It’s a magical thing, a regular sidekick for the good times,” Corkcicle notes.

“Now with the Chillsner by your side, your beer will never get warm again”

Made from stainless steel along with an airtight seal that allows it to slot on the top of almost any bottle, drinking beer may never be the same again, provided you are willing to shell out the £17 it will cost.

Just make sure you buy bottles rather than cans next time out, mind.

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