This Instagram Will Take You On A Naked Journey Around The Globe

She's living a life of 'yes' with no clothes on.

Image Magdalena Wosinska

The naked traveler is an Instagram involving just that – traveling naked. Polish photographer Magdalena Wosinska wanders the world with no pants on and posts snaps of the various destinations she encounters on her very popular Instagram account, which boasts 126,000 fans. Director Spike Jonze included.

Speaking to FOAM magazine, Wosinska says the reason behind her nude exploration is rather straight forward: “It’s pretty simple, it’s just timeless. No one can tell what status, class or group you belong to in the nude.”

An accomplished photo-snapper, she’s shot for companies like Urban Outfitters, Converse and editorials for Spin and Nylon. She’s also taken some gorgeous pictures of loaded favourite Emily Ratajkowski. 

Copper Dreams #theexperiencevol1 @ariellepytka @sachapytka @chorizomurray

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The 32-year-old is very well travelled, her photos show her in a range of varying locales – plane cabins, jungles, thatched tropical huts, and coral reefs.

Her naked photos are a part of a collection called ‘The Experience Volume 1’, an ode to the Jimi Hendrix song and the perfect title for her unique exploits.


Lagooning #theexperiencevol1

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“World travels and other people being able to see the things I see through my eyes with me leading you into the adventure. The name with the images all kind of makes sense together,” she told FOAM.

Magdalena has two books of photography called – ‘Bite You Scum’ and ‘The Grass is Electric’.


Last day of the year to celebrate, surf, and soak in the sun! May the next be even better✨ #theexperiencevol1

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Check out photos from Bite You Scum here if you want to see Magda at her best. 

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