This ‘Hot Girl Banana Prank’ Is All Kinds Of Awkward

How would you react?

Banana Prank
Banana Prank The most awkward thing you'll see all day Image YouTube/DmPranksProductions

Think – what’s the most awkward thing that could ever happen to you in a public place?

Whatever you’re thinking, it’s wrong. It turns out the worst scenario involves being looked dead in the eye by someone eating a banana.

Or at least that was what the guys in a hilarious viral video found out, after they became victims of an amazing prank.

Two women took to the streets to seductively eat bananas in front of unassuming bystanders.

Watch the hilarious clip below:

The description of the video reads: “Every girl knows she should never make eye contact whilst eating a banana, now see what happens when a few brave girls prank some bystanders while eating a banana!”

Most of the blokes in the clip are either deeply embarrassed, or find the whole thing hilarious.

However, a few try their luck with the girls, and end up coming over a bit strong. In fact, one of them gets a bit too excited by the whole thing, and the video has to be pixelated to keep the video appropriate for YouTube…

The clip, which has resurfaced again recently, has racked up an incredible 21m views, and it’s not hard to see why.

If the clip tells us anything, it’s that intense eye contact and bananas are not a good combo.

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