This Has Been Chosen As The Worst 20 Seconds Of Football Ever

L’Ultimo Uomo reckon this 1993 classic between Manchester City and QPR is a low point.

Queens Park Rangers in action.
Queens Park Rangers Take a bow Image Getty

The ugliest 20 seconds of football to emerge from the beautiful game came during a 1993 clash between Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers.

Or at least that is what the Italian publication L’Ultimo Uomo has decided.

The magazine put together a 25-point breakdown explaining why the clip, which chronicles a frantic few seconds of goalmouth drama, ranks among the worst ever seen.

Points include the fact that it’s difficult to determine which team is attacking and which team is defending.

QPR forward and Premier League legend Les Ferdinand comes in for particular criticism following an attempt on goal that could easily pass for a defensive clearance.

The article reads:

“We focus in on the desperation of Les Ferdinand. He realises he got it wrong. He kneels but follows with his eyes the slow trajectory of the ball as it crosses the line.

“Les Ferdinand rests her forehead on the ground as if in prayer, letting them see how he expresses his despair.”

The article, bizarrely, also compares Niall Quinn to “the bust of Cristiano Ronaldo’s bust at Madeira airport, but made of flesh and bones” in a particularly unusual twist.

Is it the worst bit of football ever witnessed though? This clip from a league clash between Norwich and Southampton could certainly lay claim to that title.

It really was a simpler time.

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