A Stupid Dude Just Pulled A Very Ill-Advised Prank On His Girlfriend

His Native American name is Couch-Sleeper

In the dog house. Image Freaking News

This guy pulled a pretty rough prank on his significant other, choosing to do it on the one day you should probably avoid such things. Valentine’s Day.

Jay, The Bae as his gorgeous girlfriend, calls him, set his lady love up with a series of messages claiming he was going to take her on a romantic European getaway to Paris and Barcelona. She expectedly lost her marbles at the prospect of hitting Parisian walkway or two. [via BroBible]

He destroyed her dreams by finally revealing that the only Paris and Barcelona they were going to see was in Champions League football match between Paris Saint Germain and Barcelona.

Pretty cruel trick if you ask us and judging by her reaction, he deserves to fuck himself for awhile. Better stock up on lotion there bud, not the smartest move.

This is almost as bad as the guy famous for pranking his girlfriend with vibrating panties. He just stepped it up by covering his lady’s car in raunchy Pepto pink decals of himself in various naked positions. Her reaction was as expected – pissed off, especially since he revealed the automobile right before she was due to go to work.

loaded can officially confirm that romance is, in fact, dead.

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