This Gorgeous Luxury Yacht Is Powered Solely By The Sun

She's a shining example of what we can do with solar power

Sun ship Is this the future? Image Solarwave Yachts

Thanks to the incredible progress of solar innovation in the last few years, this form of sustainable energy is becoming more and more prevalent in our lives. 

Now it’s made its way to the maritime side of things – introducing the solar luxury liner, or as it’s officially known – Solarwave 62.

This zero-emission catamaran was first teased at the beginning of 2015 with the release of its’ planned design.


Solarwave Yachts


The Turkish company behind it, Ned Ship, collaborated with Solarwave with to create a range of solar-powered yachts.

New Atlas spoke to Egon Faiss, the marketing director of Ned Ship. Faiss commented on the future of this energy saving endeavour, saying: “We can confirm that we do have an unlimited range only powered by the solar roof, during a normal sunny day and a cruising speed between 6-7 kn.”


Solarwave Yachts


The vessel itself is 64 feet long and contains a solar energy system on the roof that is capable of powering the boat and its appliances night and day.

On board, there are five guest cabins, including one for a crew, as well as outdoor dining space on the deck. The design comes in three versions; Cruiser, Solar, and Power with the latter being the hybrid in the trio.


Solarwave Yachts


If you’re interested in purchasing Solarwave 62, she’s going for €2.5 million. Get that piggy bank sorted.

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