This Fan Theory Will Ruin Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade For You

Don’t look at it, no matter what happens!

Indiana Jones

Some people rate Raiders of the Lost Ark, a select few think Temple Of Doom is the best but any Indiana Jones fan worth their salt knows, when it comes down to it, The Last Crusade is the best of the trilogy.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull simply doesn’t’ exist in our book. Think of it as a bad dream. A bad dream involving CGI aliens and Shia Leboeuf dressed as a low-rent Marlon Brando swinging through the trees like a monkey.

Anyway, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade stands tall as the best Indy movie for the simple fact it’s got a great storyline, some top twists, and Sean Connery.

There’s an undeniable chemistry between Ford and Connery that provides much of the film’s heart. Plus the Nazis make for great villains and the big bad guy gets the kind of gruesome death Indiana Jones fans have grown accustomed to throughout the franchise.

But now someone has spotted an Easter Egg in the movie so heinous, it’s the equivalent of Harrison Ford taking a massive dump all over the franchise – yeah, it’s as bad as Crystal Skull.

It comes in the film’s big finale, when Indiana Jones is forced into the ancient tomb containing the Cup of Christ, in search of some sort help for his dad, Connery, who has been shot.

Indiana Jones Harrison Ford
Fortune and glory Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom. Image Picture Lucasfilm/Paramount

Using the clues offered up by his dad’s diary, for the first trap Indy realises, quickly, what the clue “the penitent man will pass” alludes to – the penitent man is humble before God. He must therefore kneel.

Indy realises this just in time, as a giant circular saw emerges from just above his head as he kneels. As if that wasn’t close enough, another blade comes whirring out of the ground just in front of where he is kneeling.

Cool extra addition, right? Wrong. Why put a saw just in front of where he is kneeling? Here’s where things get weird.

Okay, so bear in mind this is the last resting place of the Holy Grail, a Christian religious artifact. How do penitent Christian’s kneel or prey? By kneeling.

But how do Muslims bow before God? With their faces to the floor in front of them – exactly where the second whirring blade emerges.

On one level, this creepy addition kind of makes sense – the Grail was taken and protected by the Knights Templar – knights who fought Muslims throughout the Crusades.

The traps would have therefore been designed to halt anyone not aligned with the Christian faith. Even so, it’s all a bit strong, right?

And if you think this fan theory is bad, wait until you see this one concerning the events of Home Alone. It’ll change the way you watch the movie forever.

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