This Fan Fan Theory About Ralph Wiggum Will Ruin The Simpsons For You

Some fan theories take things too far. This is one of those occasions.

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You don’t have to go far on the internet to find a crackpot theory concerning your favourite TV show or movie but this one concerning The Simpsons may hold a little more weight than most.

It concerns Chief Clancy Wiggum and his son Ralph and, if correct, adds an entirely new and extremely upsetting dimension to goings on in Springfield.

The theory centres on Ralph or more specifically the identity of Ralph’s father. That’s right: people on the internet have done some investigating into his parentage and you may not like what they have found.

Because, according to the good folk over at Reddit, there is a case to be made for Chief Wiggum not being Ralph’s father. The whole theory emerged after fans spotted a noticeable resemblance between one of Chief Wiggum’s police colleague’s, Eddie, and Ralph.

As comparison images show, the pair have eerily similar hairlines. The implication is simple enough: Chief Wiggum’s wife may have had an affair with one of Clancy’s colleagues.

Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons.
Oh my God... Could it be?

For one thing, the pair don’t appear to have that happy a marriage – Mrs Wiggum is rarely seen doing anything other than chastising Clancy. There there are the weird looks Eddie gives Ralph – like in the picture above.

Chief Wiggum’s obesity coupled with his love of watching television may have even left him impotent or infertile – there’s even a scene where a television announcer warns as much while Clancy watches on from his bed.

The Simpsons writers has been known to cleverly hide and weave subtle jokes into the story and across multiple episodes. For example, all the various scenes featuring McBain in those early episodes actually add up to a pretty incredible hidden mini-movie.

Ralph Wiggum and his dad.

This kind of gag has been made in shows like this before too. On King of The Hill, Hank’s neighbour Dale Gribble has a son, Joseph, who is clearly the offspring of his wife’s hidden affair with John Redcorn. Could they have got the idea from The Simpsons?

And there’s plenty of evidence to suggest it might simply be a theory: in an episode focusing on Springfield in the future, Ralph is shown to closer resemble Chief Wiggum.

But what if it is true? What if everything we watched was a lie and Chief Wiggum is actually the most tragic character to ever feature on The Simpsons? This is all too much.

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