Dino porn?


This Erotica Book Series About Dinosaurs Is Almost Taking It Too Far

By Danielle De La Bastide

December 19, 2016

Christmas is fast approaching and if you’re still in search of a few stocking fillers, loaded has found just the thing. Provided sexy dinosaurs are your thing.

Described as “not your mother’s erotica,” Dinosaur Erotica is a series of books self-published on Amazon by authors Christie Sims and Alara Branwen, whose other titles include: “Captured by Orcs,” and “Comfort of Gargoyles.”

The title of the series is faithful to the content which is exactly as it sounds, women fooling around with triassic beasts.

This subgenre is surprisingly very popular and has inspired media attention and a range of YouTube videos, where book lovers read and humorously analyze passages from titillating titles such as: “Taken by the T-rex.” The story of Drin, a sexy huntress in a tribe of cavemen who she claims, can’t satisfy her in their subterranean dwelling. Instead she finds comfort in the tiny, tiny arms of a Tyrannosaurus.

Another offering is the page turner, “Taken by the Pterodactyl?” where we follow the life of shepherdess Dianne who is taxed with the duty of protecting her flock at any cost. Including giving herself to an avian dinosaur. What dedication.

“She fully expects to be eaten by the massive beast, but when it starts to peck her clothes away, leaving her naked, she begins to understand that the pterodactyl might have carnal pleasures in mind. Dianne finds herself excited by the prospect and acquiesces. But can Dianne accommodate such a massive creature?

The writers who claim to be roommates and students at Texas A&M University were interviewed by New York Magazine’s: The Cut. They were asked what the reasoning was behind the literature.

“One day, I was walking and I thought about the movie Jurassic Park. I pictured dinosaurs having their way with women. I died laughing. I was about to dismiss these thoughts as the workings of my freaky mind, but then I had an epiphany. Dinosaur erotica was something new that I’d never tried before.” Said Alara.

Their gamble worked and the women have been raking in the cash since, claiming they make more money than a Boeing aerospace engineer.

Going by nom de plumes, these erotic originators are sticklers for anonymity. When asked about their elusiveness they replied. “Do you honestly think we would publish the crazy stuff we write under our own names?”

The books are available for free in Kindle format and sell for the bargain price of £2.99 otherwise.

Happy shopping!