This Dumbass Got Tricked Into Driving 120 Miles To Cheat On His Girlfriend

A bikini-clad stranger asks you to travel three hours to see her - what would you do?

Cheater gets caught out on YouTube.Image To Catch A Cheater/YouTube

A horny young man was left regretting his decision to drive 120 miles to meet a potential hook-up after the entire thing turned out to be a trap.

It all started when Michael was messaged by a bikini-clad brunette by the name of Daniella on Instagram. For no apparent reason, Daniella was desperate to meet up with Michael for a potentially romantic liaison and he was very much game for it.

In fact, she even managed to convince Michael to make the three-hour 120-mile trip from San Diego to Los Angeles to get there. What Michael failed to mention, however, was that he was in a relationship with his girlfriend of two years at the time.

Not that it mattered all that much to Daniella because, as it turned out, she was very much aware of this. It turned out Michael’s girlfriend had been suspicious of her other half’s wandering eye, so had enlisted the help of YouTube channel To Catch A Cheater.

The perfect combination of familiar candid camera favourites To Catch A Predator and Cheaters, the show is designed to catch the sleazy among us out.

So from the off, Michael was in trouble with his girlfriend watching on, via a secret camera, while he visited Daniella. Things started innocently enough, with the pair sat together on a sofa. It ws only when the model brought up the subject of Michael’s girlfriend that things began to unravel.

“So I was looking at your Instagram and I noticed there were a few pictures of this girl,” she said. “Oh yeah, that’s my ex,” he responds. “No [I’m not still dating her], I need to get rid of that h**, she’s crazy. I’m glad I broke up with her.”

Things get flirty between the pair as they begin talking sex positions and when Daniella heads off to her bedroom to grab an item of clothing, Michael decides to take full advantage, stripping off to prepare for what is about to come.

Unfortunately, what follows is an angry confrontation with his jilted girlfriend, who emerges from the same bedroom furious with her would-be partner.

The pair end the clip arguing. This is only a guess, but they probably didn’t end up staying together. The lesson here is simple: if something sounds too good to be true, it’s probably because there’s someone filming you for a hidden camera show.

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