This Fossil Discovery Could Change How We View Humanity Forever

This evidence could be yet another hit to the Bible's theory that humans began 6000 years ago...

morocco skull
Could this be the missing link? Image PHOTOGRAPH BY MOHAMMED KAMAL, MPI EVA LEIPZIG

A damning new fossil discovery in Morocco could completely alter the history of human evolution forever.

The findings were detailed in the Nature journal and are thought to be the oldest well-dated Homo Sapiens fossils ever found.

Fire-baked tools found from the site mean that ancient peoples actually lived more than 300,000 years ago making us twice as old as what was previously known.

This find means that the oldest fossil evidence of homo sapiens dated as 195,000 years old was way off.

Discovered in an area called Jebel Irhoud, the Moroccan fossils which include tools, a jaw, and a brain case, don’t quite look as we do today but they are mighty close. 


Their skulls were less rounded and more elongated, which could indicate a difference in brains. However, their faces and mouths looked a lot like we do now.

“The face is the face of somebody you could cross in the metro,” Jean-Jacques Hublin, the paleoanthropologist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology who led the new research told National Geographic. “It’s pretty amazing.”

So what does this mean?

Based on the modern faces and primitive braincases, it’s believed by the researchers that humans developed in a kind of mosaic of evolution. Meaning that there is no particular place  or time frame in which humans evolved, it was a collective effort spanning across the African, and it began further back than we thought.


“Three hundred thousand years ago, there is fossil evidence of a population that in a remarkable number of ways resembles modern humans, and you can make of that what you like,” said George Washington University paleoanthropologist Bernard Wood to National Geographic.

“You can either expand the definition of Homo sapiens to include [Jebel Irhoud], or these were creatures that were on their way to [becoming], modern humans.”

This could also be yet another refute of the Bible’s claim that humans began wholly 6000 years ago. 

Not so much.

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