This Deadly Spider Will Give You An Erection Then Kill You

Kill it with fire!

Bananas These spiders like to weave webs in banana trees.

There is a spider out there that can give you an erection before you die or during, in some cases-after. It’s not very sexy though.

The Banana Spider or Brazilian Wandering Spider has a six-inch leg span and is up there with the terrifying array of animals that try to kill we humans. It’s classified as the most deadly spider in the world.

The arachnid is native to South America and get’s one of its names due to its tendency to wander the jungle floor at night. The banana moniker comes from the fact that it can be found in shipments of bananas traveling from Brazil. There have been numerous reports of spiders found in bananas from Tesco and Asda, scaring the bejesus out of customers.

The fear is justified since a bite from a Banana spider is so intense that it can render a person paralyzed and strangely, the venom also causes erections in men.

Though not the good kind, it’s extremely painful and can last for up to four hours, which is gruesome because the bite is said to kill you after only two. 

Luckily there is a powerful anti venom available though, not a fun experience regardless.

Scientists however have found a use for this powerful venom and are testing it as an erectile dysfunction remedy without the death part.

Good luck to the test subjects!

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