This Crazy Breaking Bad Fan Theory May Actually Be Correct

Fans have speculated online for several years now.

The Breaking Dead fan theory.
The Breaking Dead Walter White and Rick Grimes Image Netflix/AMC

Fan theories are ten a penny these days but one concerning a potential link between The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad may hold more weight than most.

loaded previously reported on the claims, by some eagle-eyed viewers online, that Breaking Bad actually served as a prequel to the zombie action series where no one is allowed to actually say the word zombie.

The theory goes that Walter White’s famously blue crystal meth came with a few notable side effects – like turning people into flesh-eating “walkers”.

Plenty of evidence was put forward to back up the claims, with a lot of it arguably coming under the category of flimsy at best.

One scene that did have more weight than most occurred in the second episode of The Walking Dead when Michael Rooker’s character, Merle, revealed a stash of drugs that included some of that sweet blue meth.

DIY meth lab Image Photo Sony Pictures Television

There was also another time when his brother, Daryl, recalled dealing with a drug dealer who was a little “janky” – a possible reference to Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman?

But in a recent episode of Fear the Walking Dead – itself a prequel to The Walking Dead – there was a knowing nod to Breaking Bad that may have all but confirmed the theory.

It occurred during a scene in which two characters enter a small market and find a song by the name of “Negro y Azul: The Ballad of Heisenberg” can be heard playing in the background.

The song is notable for previously featuring on the second season of Breaking Bad and, according to showrunner Dave Erickson, its use is entirely deliberate.

“I tried to be subtle with it. That was probably the moment when I fell the most deeply in love with Breaking Bad, when they did that cold open music video,” he told Digital Spy.

“As we were looking for pieces to incorporate into this world, it had the right vibe to it. It’s a gentle nod of admiration and adoration to [Breaking Bad creator] Vince Gilligan.”

The Walking Dead cast at the start of season 7.
The Walking Dead cast At the start of Season 7 Image AMC

Does this prove they exist it the same universe? It certainly appears to and with both shows airing on AMC, there really is little to stop them claiming as such.

So not only was Walter White a terrible father and husband but he may have also instigated a zombie apocalypse. Does this mean there’s a chance Saul Goodman might turn up on The Walking Dead? Or a zombie Mike? Or Walt Jr. There are so many possibilities!

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