This Controversial Fry-Up Addition Will Divide Full English Breakfast Fans

A neat idea or an unnecessary addition to an established classic?

The Fry Up Police David RowlandImage The Fry Up Police/David Rowland

Everyone knows the standard ingredients of a full English breakfast. Most people can probably recite them with greater ease than their times table.

But that hasn’t stopped some from messing with the tried-and-tested formula.

Take pub The Old Bookshop in Bristol, for example. Foozie is reporting that the establishment has been earning rave reviews for its Bookshop Breakfast.

It’s a pretty tasty looking fry-up, in all fairness, but there is one controversial addition. Rather than serve their version of the English breakfast with your standard bottles of tomato and brown sauce, The Old Bookshop’s fry-ups instead come with a jug of gravy.

Gravy. On a breakfast item. In the south of England. It’s no ordinary gravy though, but a special “breakfast gravy” designed to perfectly compliment the usual eggs, bacon, sausage, and beans.

Priced way above the standard Wetherspoon’s fry-up at £9.50, the Bookshop Breakfast comes complete with bacon, sausage, egg, bubble & squeak, baked beans, mushrooms.

The new addition has earned rave reviews from those who have tried it but most fry-up fans online remain skeptical.

A fry-up with gravy.
A fry-up With gravy. Yum. Image Foozie-/YouTuve

This controversial change follows on from another café, in Cardiff, which garnered negative reviews and even threats online after debuting a special fry-up in a jar offering.

It also comes as part of an increasing shift away from the norms when it comes to English food.

Research published by ASDA revealed one in five adults now prefer ketchup over gravy on their Sunday roast, while a third of those surveyed admitted to opting for sausages over more traditional roast meats like beef.

Could fry-ups be set for a gravy-led revolution?

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