This Company Lets You To Hire A Granny To Cook For You

This service does more than provide delicious food, it's for a great cause too.

lou pape
Granny is back in the kitchen... Image Lou Pape/ YouTube

There is nothing better than your Nan’s cooking; her scones are to die for, her puddings are renowned. Well, there is now a service in France that outsources grandma’s gastronomical gifts.

Lou Pape is a company that’s putting grannies’ cooking abilities to use for a great cause: Founder Alize Delbes realised that once she moved away from home, her grandmother was affected by the absence and that her retirement was more annoying than relaxing.

So she took action, and her company was formed. “It’s a way for older people to find a new activity in retirement, to preserve social utility and let them share their passion,” she told The Memo.


The setup brings the retired back into commission. So far the company has four chefs on staff who are all over fifty and specialise in traditional French cooking.

As part of the service, they come to your home and cook for you based on a set menu that differs depending on the chef. The cooks aren’t gender specific either – grandpas are in on it too. 

“Lou Papé and the chef will take care of everything else,” Delbès said, with “the shopping, preparation [and] service,” all taken care of.

Food offerings include Chicken breast stuffed with candied lemons, black olives and fresh herbs and green vegetables and Chocolate fondant; caramel heart salted butter – French Nans don’t mess around.

This concept has us thinking, why doesn’t someone do this for Britain? We could think of nothing better than a lovely grandma showing us how to cook bread pudding on a Sunday afternoon.

Will someone get on this?

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