This Californian Woman Has Spent £35K Trying To Look Like Jessica Rabbit

Carly Mersola has undergone some drastic "doll" surgery - but she wants more.

Cartoon lovers fell head over heels for animated femme fatale Jessica Rabbit when she appeared in live action/animation hybrid Who Framed Roger Rabbit? in the early 90s.

One of the first cartoon characters to exhibit genuine sex appeal, her hourglass frame and busty figure was undoubtedly the stuff of pure fantasy. But one woman from California seems to have taken that particular depiction of femininity to heart.

Her name is Carly Mersola or @plasticblondebimbo as she is known on Instagram and, to date, she’s spent over £35,000 in an attempt to look as much like her cartoon idol as possible.

“Jessica Rabbit has always been one of my fictional inspirations because of her hourglass body shape and curves,” Carly told “I wanted to enhance what I already had naturally. Before plastic surgery, I was more plain, but naturally beautiful in my opinion.”

To date, Mersola has chin implants, Botox, lip fillers, under-eye fillers and a boob job that has left her with 36H breasts. The 26-year-old isn’t finished yet either, with plans in the pipeline for more surgeries, another boob job and a Brazilian butt lift.

She looks striking to say the least and doesn’t appear to care one jot what anyone else thinks about her new look. “A lot of people stare, like, hardcore stare,” she told “It could be for good or bad reasons, who knows? I look the way I want for myself only, and no one else.

She’s not the first person to splash the cash in an attempt to look like one of their idols.

Loaded previously reported on two similar cases, one in which a young woman paid over the odds to look like Angelina Jolie and another where a young woman’s parents were busy paying over the odds to help their daughter look like her style icon: Barbie.

As the pictures demonstrate, it doesn’t always quite work out the way it was intended.

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