This Bra Company Wanted Its Male Workers To Know What It’s Like To Have Breasts

So they decided to do something no one could have expected.

Men experience life with breasts.
This is brilliant

A bra company is pulling out all the stops to ensure its male employees understand what living with breasts is really like.

To Ignace van Doorselaere’s way of thinking, in order for workers over at PrimaDonna to fully understand the difficulty of living with breasts and appreciate the importance of purchasing a good bra, they need to speed a day walking in a woman’s shoes.

Or, more specifically, spend a day living like a woman with large breasts. Thankfully the PrimaDonna CEO has devised a method that doesn’t involve any expensive cosmetic procedures – just some gym weights and a few well-placed straps.

The result is the company’s newly implemented E Cup Day for men – a day where male employees spend a day with a set of weights around their neck.

“There is only one way for a man to realize what an E-cup feels like and that is having an E-cup,” he said. The results of the company’s first E Cup Day for men can be viewed below:

The weights used were the equivalent of an E Cup and come in at around 1 or 1.5 kilos per breast. That’s a hell of a lot of weigh to carry round every day.

“It hurts your neck. It hurts your back,” Doorselaere said. “That’s why you need good support.”

The hope is that now the company’s male workers will have a better understanding of the products they sell and what women have to go through every day.

Who knows? Maybe a few men reading this story and watching the video might feel the same way.

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