This Beer Has Been Brewed Specifically To Boost Your Sex Drive

Watercress Warrior may sound like a damp squib but it packs an almighty punch.

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A new beer, designed specifically to help increase sex drive, has been unveiled by a Dorset-based brewing company.

It’s called Watercress Warrior and is the product of a new collaboration between the Cerne Abbas Brewery and superfoods firm The Watercress Company.

The beer’s sex drive-boosting properties all stem from one key ingredient: watercress.

Rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, watercress has long been associated with a notable increase in virility among regular consumers.

Boasting a 4.5% ABV, the new Pilsner has been made from a combination of watercress seeds, hops and locally sourced spring water.

James Harper, of The Watercress Company, told the Bournemouth Echo:

“Watercress is a fabulous health food packed full of vitamins and nutrients that help boost fertility. The ale itself is delicious, it’s very fruity with a peppery kick.”

The Watercress Warrior beer.
Watercress Warrior An arousing experience Image The Watercrees Company

Sold in 500ml bottles, drinkers may struggle to get their hands on this heady brew straight away, with just 1,800 bottles brewed for sale in the south coast region.

But the success of the beer could yet see production rolled out further and there’s even potential for some of the bigger breweries out there to experiment with a similarly arousing alcoholic concoction.

It shouldn’t prove too much of a hard sell to most blokes. If you catch our drift…

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