This Amazing Mod Can Turn Your NERF Gun Into A Deadly Weapon

How do you make a NERF gun cooler? Turn it into a giant flamethrower of course.

NERF gun video
NERF Amazing modifications Image YouTube/PeterSripol

Anyone who’s ever had a foam-bullet shootout with NERF guns will know that they’re totally awesome

They’re some of the best toys you could ever hope for as kids, but what if we told you there was a way of making NERF guns EVEN cooler?

One guy has created a method to seriously beef up the toys – creating something incredibly dangerous, and incredibly fun.

YouTube star PeterSripol is known for creating brilliant inventions, and now he’s turned his attentions to the toy guns.

Peter heavily customizes a NERF gun, using the kinds of complicated modification loaded could never dream of even attempting.

The modded weapon is capable of firing everything from darts, to nails, and even fire, and the clip turns the toy into a pretty deadly weapon.

The mods not only allow the user to fire all kinds of different ammunition, but it also makes the gun WAY more powerful.

In fact, the modded weapon is over twice as powerful as the stock NERF gun, and fires a standard foam bullet more than twice as fast.

The really cool moment comes towards the end of the clip, after the gun is adapted to become a flamethrower.

Now, we wouldn’t recommend trying it out for yourself – it looks incredibly dangerous after all – but the video is cool as hell.

Meanwhile, NERF guns seem to be experiencing a huge spike in popularity recently, especially after an amazing NERF version of John Wick went viral recently.

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