This Amazing Bacon Toaster Is The Most Important Invention Of 2017

This is the bacon breakthrough we've all been waiting for.

The bacon toaster
The bacon toaster The best invention of 2017 Image Picture UK Space Agency (Max Alexander). Star City, Moscow.

The motorcar, the telephone, the television… history has been defined by such inventions over the years, but the biggest discovery of 2017 has now been revealed, and it might be the best of the lot.

Introducing the most significant invention of the 21st century: the bacon toaster.

Looking like a standard toaster oven, the Bacon Express from Nostalgia Electronics is a vertical grill that claims to be able to cook streaky bacon perfectly.

The device cooks bacon in a similar way to a George Foreman grill, and because the grease drains away it’s also healthier than frying too, as reported by Cosmopolitan.

The Bacon Express also possesses “unique patent pending easy-clean doors make flat, crispy bacon that doesn’t shrivel” meaning that streaky bacon stays its original size throughout cooking.

A dial on the side can also be adjusted depending on the thickness of the bacon, meaning you can have the bacon the way you like it every time.

So where can you get hold of these little beauties? They’re available on Amazon UK now, albeit for the hefty price of £140.

bacon toaster
Image Picture UK Space Agency (Max Alexander). Star City, Moscow.

It might be a little pricey, but this really is the most important bacon breakthrough of the 21st century.

No doubt about it – the future is here, and it tastes delicious.

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