Third Of Adults Have Contracted A Computer Virus From ‘Adult Content’

Incognito won't save you now, you dirty bastard.

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Nearly a third of British adults (305) have contracted a virus on their laptop, computer or mobile device as a result of looking at adult content online, the dirty buggers.

That’s according to new research which highlights the alarming number of wankers failing to properly protect themselves when it comes to seeking out matters of the flesh online.

Worse still, the study of 1,000 adults also revealed that around one in six respondents
(17%) ended up blaming other family members or friends as culprits for their devices contracting infections after their online antics.

On average, participants said they looked at adult content on their computer or other device five times per week, with two fifths (41%) even admitting that they look at adult content at least once per day, spending on average 23 minutes browsing adult sites per visit. Sounds tiring.

That number also equates to over 4 days of browsing adult content per year – or 104 hours. It gets better – of those surveyed, a fifth (20%) admitted to looking at adult sites whilst on the job using their work computer, tablet or phone.

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More than one in ten (12%) revealed that they do not practice safe surfing, as they have no internet security solution installed on their computers or other devices.

Incredibly, a quarter (25%) mistakenly thought they were safe looking at adult websites on smartphones and tablets, as they believed these devices could not get infected.

David Jacoby, Security Evangelist, spokesperson for Kaspersky Lab who commissioned the study said, said: “British adults are being caught with their pants down when it comes to online safe surfing with many not using any form of cyber contraception.

“In 2017 we identified at least 27 variations of PC malware which specifically hunt for credentials to paid adult content websites. Adult sites are attractive to cyber criminals because they have a vast number of users to potentially infect and those users are less likely to report the infection due to the embarrassing nature of how they got the infection.

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“Kaspersky Lab sees around 323,000 malware bugs everyday which are designed to either steal your identity, corrupt computer files or hold you to ransom”

A fifth of respondents (19%) thought they were safe using their web browser in private ‘Incognito’ mode, while 28% believed their computers were safe from viruses if they cleared their browsing history.

Of those surveyed, 18% admitted to lying about contracting a digital virus because they thought it may have come from browsing an adult website. A fifth (20%) revealed they had been caught red handed looking at adult content by a friend, family member or partner.

Maybe they should just go back to magazines and DVDs?

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