Thief jailed after being caught on CCTV doing a happy dance

He’ll have plenty of time to bust-a-move behind bars after this.

Dumb and Dumber
Dumb And even dumber. Image New Line Cinema.

A Birmingham thief is facing jail after deciding to celebrate his crime with what can only be described as a “happy dance.”

Kamayi Matumona has been sentenced to 22 weeks in prison after breaking into a car in the Edgbaston area of the city before stealing a wallet lying inside, back on June 29th.

The 31-year-old then reacted with delight after finding cash inside the wallet, going as far as to break out into a little dance to mark the occasion:

There was just one slight snag for Matumona though – he was on CCTV the while time and when one officer recognised him it wasn’t long before he had a knock at the door.

Speaking to ITV, the brilliantly named Sergeant Alan Lawless of West Midlands Police, offered up the following: “He may have felt like dancing at the time but he looked pretty miserable when we knocked at his door to arrest him.”

Nice. See what you did there. Bit rehearsed but, still, good.

Matumona has a criminal record for theft and will now spend the next few weeks behind bars.

At least he has some time to work on those dance moves.

Because, quite frankly, that’s not a happy dance. THIS is a happy dance:

God bless you, Carlton Banks.

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