These VHS-Style Blu-Ray & DVD Boxsets Will Transport You Back To Your Childhood

By Jack Beresford

August 01, 2018

Technology might mean the latest movies are now just a couple of clicks away but, for the more nostalgically-minded among us, nothing beats the VHS experience.

Everyone knew the drill: you would head down to your local Blockbuster or branch of Woolworths in search of movie-based thrills.

Sometimes you lucked out and the perfect movie was sitting there, untouched, on the shelves, other times you had to make do with Weekend at Bernie’s or Caddyshack 2.

Whatever the case, there was something about the feel of that VHS cassette in your hands, complete with striking cover art, blurb and all the trimmings that simply couldn’t be beaten.

All of which makes the news of HMV’s exclusive new line of limited edition collectible VHS-themed Blu-ray and DVD box sets so appealing.

It’s all the best bits of the VHS experience minus the one drawback – rewinding the tape.

Available in-store and online, the new collection features 12 classic titles from the Universal and Paramount Pictures back catalogue with familiar favourites like Top Gun, 48 Hours, Back To The Future, Beverly Hills Cop, and The Thing.

Each boasts a retro sleeve inspired by their original CIC VHS release as well as a fold out replica theatrical poster, bubble-gum card, and sticker to put the cherry on top of this particular nostalgia fest.

A loving hark back to a simpler time before Netflix, or even the internet, arrived on the scene, only 2,000 of each title have been made, so if nostalgic movie magic floats your boat, you’ll need to move fast.

Just don’t go expecting to find Weekend at Bernie’s here. Some things are better left in the past.