These two Irish fellas trying to move a couch is a viral hit

Two men versus one couch

Couch moving
Viral hit Two Irish fellas get moving a couch. Image Picture YouTube

Moving furniture is never fun task – and particularly those bulkier items that are that bit more awkward to move.

These two men in the village of Drumquin, Co. Tyrone decided to move a couch down the street on a wet Irish day.

Of course, moving down a slope did nothing to help their task either.

As they made their way down the street, they were faced with several challenges, with one of the men feeling the full weight of the couch after it fell on him.

And rather than give the poor men a helping hand, a bystander filmed the entire episode which was later uploaded to Reddit.

The men’s misery seems to be entertaining the internet though – so far, the video has had almost 400,000 views, making them a viral sensation.

Watch the video above but be warned – you will hear some bad language!

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