These ‘Space Boobs’ Are Made Of The Same Material Found In The Space Shuttle

The future of breasts looks mighty perky

Alice Eve in Star Trek Space cleavage Image Paramount Pictures


Breast implants are improving every year, to prevent unwanted leaking and accidental boob explosions. Eek.

And apparently now NASA is getting involved. A new batch of implants has hit the plastic surgery market. Called B-Lite implants, they are made of tiny, hollow microparticles suspended in a silicone gel substance. The same technology used in the Space Shuttle to reduce the weight of ceramic tiling. They are 30% lighter than the traditional cutlets.

Chris Inglefield, the first UK surgeon to offer B-Lite implants, told The Mirror, “they are extremely popular. Women want larger implants but not the extra weight.”


London Bridge Plastic Surgery


Ruth Davies, a UK mum of three, decided to treat herself with these new fangled inserts after years of watching her fun pillows deflate due to pregnancies and a significant weight loss. So, she visited London Bridge Plastic Surgery to consider her options, “In my head, it was just people like Pamela Anderson who had them done.” She told The Sun. 

Turns out, after speaking to other mums who’d gone under the knife Ruth changed her mind.


Pamela Anderson and her boobs in Vogue Brasil Image Mario Testino


She went with the B-Lites, which only reached British shores last year. This experience made her a perky pioneer. She hasn’t looked back and is loving her new E-cups.

“I’m over the moon with how natural they are.” She said.

We do love a sag to stitches story.

Boobs rule.

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