These Robbers Dressed Up As Ghosts To Steal A Load Of Computers

Worst. Disguise. Ever.

Ghosts? Worst .Disguise. Ever Image

Robbers in the movies tend to go for masks, or even womens’ stockings to disguise themselves, but two thieves thought they’d mix things up during a recent theft caught on CCTV.

Two ‘ghosts’ were caught committing a crime recently, after two hapless burglars decided to protect their identity by dressing up in big while sheets during a robbery.

In what must be the laziest disguise ever, the pair threw on the sheets and cut out peepholes to see through, before stealing a load of computers and printers. Spooky…


The footage shows the men walking up and down a corridor before entering another room off-camera. They return carrying electrical goods, and all the while their faces are obscured by the rudimentary outfits.

The footage, which is believed to have been filmed in Brazil, was uploaded to video sharing site, and very little is known about the ghoulish robbers, or where the crime took place.



The clip has racked up thousands of views since being uploaded this week. One user commented saying: “Who would want to steal a used printer? Ghosts, I guess!”

Another joked: “They are just making a spectre of themselves.”

Forget the police, we’re calling Ghostbusters for this one.

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