These Expedition Watches Are Awesome And Won’t Set You Back Anywhere Near £12,000

For the Bear Grylls in all of us

The Casio Smart Outdoor Watch £500 Image Amazon Casio

Expedition watches are basically timepieces made for the outdoorsy bloke. They’re hardier that the average ticker and can be dunked in metres of salty or fresh water. Some come with handy compasses in case you get lost on the trail, others have world clocks for those trekkers suffering from a bout of wanderlust.  

They can, however, be a little hard on your coin receptacle, the pricier watches can be up to £12,000. Yes, the Rolex Deep Sea Dweller sells for close to that. Madness. But it can be taken to depths of 3,900 metres – so we get it.


Deep Sea Dweller


For the rest of us plebeians, there are some pretty neat options available for under £100. We found a few you might like, considering of course the range of activities an adventurous person can partake in.

Thanks to Amazon UK for their stellar selection: 


Timex Men’s Quartz Tide-Temp-Compass Watch



This beauty sells for £88.38. Features include a tide tracker, water resistant to 100M, and a handy luminous display which measures air and water temperature. 


Casio Collection Men’s Watch



This tough fella sells for the bargain price of £30.84. Features include: an alarm, stop watch, back light and world clock with a cool analogue display. 


TopCabin Casual Sports Watch


Sold for a whopping £10.88, this guy comes with a 12-month warranty in case you decide to be careless. Its a multifunction piece with a military time model, calendar alarm and is waterproof up to 50M. 


Mudder Big Dial Analog Watch


Available for £13.99. Chunky and funky, this watch is a waterproof sports watch with a rubber strap and plastic case.  


Yancorp 7 Watch


This is a unique offering in that it includes a tiny compass on the military-grade nylon strap. It also has a fire starter component and a whistle. Take that James Bond. It sells for £12.98.


Invicta Pro Diver Men’s Automatic Watch


Selling for $93.07, this stainless steel diving watch can go to depths of 200M and is Eco-friendly for those environmental warriors. We’re looking at you Leo. 


Viable Harvest Men’s Wood Watch


This wooden wonder is available for £34.99 and is the best option if you really want to be one with nature. The battery last for four years and the wood is bamboo and sandalwood. It’s hypoallergenic so is meant for those who suffer from skin allergies. It’s also super light, 1 ounce!


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