These Eerily Realistic Sex Dolls Are Available For Everyone To Buy For $12,000

Is it time we all got on board with the sex doll revolution?

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Technology has changed the way we date over recent years, and now advances are leading to huge changes in the way people use sex dolls too.

Long gone are the days of blow up plastic dolls: realistic sex dolls are big business in 2017, and one of the companies leading the way in the industry is the RealDoll. 

The US company is producing the most advanced models ever made, and they’re redefining what it means to own a ‘love doll’.

For $12,000 (£9,700), a perspective buyer can have a doll custom made by Abyss Creations at their Californian factory, and design their doll down to the most intricate detail.

Customers can choose every feature on their doll, including hair colour, lip shape, and even nipple size.

Bizarrely, the dolls also come with heated ‘human-like’ genitals and flexible skeletons. It might sound like an odd gift to buy for yourself, but the dolls are proving hugely popular.

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Expert David Levy, author of Love and Sex With Robots, previously wrote about the dolls in the Mail on Sunday [via Metro], saying: “This coming wave of sex robots will be human-like in appearance and size. They will have human-like genitals. And they will allow intercourse according to their owner’s sexual orientation and tastes.

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“The machines in question are being developed by Abyss Creations at their Californian factory, and are likely to retail for around $15,000 (£12,300).

“But we can be certain that rival companies in America, Japan and Korea are scrambling to catch up.”

Some may find the idea of the dolls a little weird, but according to experts, they could make men ‘better in bed’. Is it time we all got on board with the sex doll revolution? 

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