The stunning imagery of Italian football at its sexiest

Engage in some nostalgia with a collection of the finest images from Italian football from the past

Napoli legend Careca celebrates scoring against Parma
Magic Careca is most famous for his time with Italian side Napoli Image Photo Trottwa/Tumblr

Diego Maradona in his prime, Michel Platini before he turned to the dark side, a succession of confused British strikers like Luther Blissett and Ian Rush… Italian football in the 80s was magnificent. 

Italy’s golden age was played out in the days before TV coverage became so omnipresent, with fans elsewhere rarely having access apart from James Richardson’s golden Football Italia on Saturday mornings.

The mere mention of Paolo Rossi can make men of a certain age yearn for vintage catennacio action.

Well yearn no more! 

Tumblr site Trottwa  is doing a great service for fans with a collection that’ll make you nostalgic for watching Football Italia’s “Goallazzzzo!” introduction. 

Footballing pros
Footballing pros Two personalities that have had eventful careers in football Image Photo Trottwa/Tumblr

Football in Italy in the 80’s and 90’s was arguably a hell of a lot stronger than it is now. Teams like Napoli, Juventus, the two Milans and Roma were at the peak of their powers, making the league the one to watch for football anoraks everywhere.

The rugged stadiums on display like Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milan, Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Stadio San Paolo in Naples and Stadio Artemio Franchi in Florence are beacons of a time in Italy where it was about beauty and culture.

Diego Maradonna in his Italian days
Wasn't me? Diego Maradonna was a thorn in the side for many Italian defenders Image Photo Trottwa/Tumblr

It also gives us a chance to revisit and re-celebrate talents that otherwise would fall by the wayside. 

Players like former Napoli attacker Careca, who scored 73 goals in 165 appearances and was a decent World Cup striker for Brazil, but who was still overshadowed by Marco van Basten.

The strikers linked up in a surprisingly forgotten match between a select XI from Serie A and one from the Division One in England, in January 1991. Both men were on target in a 3-0 win for the Italians. 

Who would win in a repeat of Italy v England club football in 2016…?

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