Reading These Books Will Make You Very Attractive To Women

We suggest joining a book club if you're desperate

Are you an avid reader? Image pixabay

Dating website eHarmony has discovered the books men should be reading to attract the ladies.

According to the forum, men who add reading to their list of interests receive 19 percent more messages from potential partners.

“Bookworms have also been found to be more intellectually curious than most and find it easier to form open and trusting relationships with others,” eHarmony explain.


So, what are the most enticing page turners to women? The most popular books for men include World War II titles, 1984 and The Da Vinci Code.

Though, men who mention the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as one of their picks see 35 percent more communication than ‘proud nonreaders of books’ like Kanye West famously stated once.

Another surprising choice is the Hunger Games series. Apparently, the ladies think you’re hot stuff if you enjoy reading about totalitarian regimes and child murder.

But the top pick for a guaranteed success in the dating world? Richard Branson, mentioning any title by the head of Virgin will almost always bring in positive attention.

Books like Screw it, Let’s Do It and Like a Virgin: Secrets they don’t teach you at business school are great choices.

richard branson

The books that will ensure you’re single forever are; the Bible, Harry Potter, and Sherlock Holmes. Sorry guys.

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