These Are Vanessa Hudgens’ Hottest Movie Moments

From Sucker Punch to Spring Breakers.

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens Springbreakers Image Muse productions

Vanessa Hudgens might always be remembered for her performances in Disney Channel’s squeaky-clean High School Musical series, but things have changed a LOT for the former child star in recent years.

After finishing the TV film saga in 2008, Vanessa’s gone on to give some daring performances in a varied selection of movies, and her Disney Channel days are well and truly behind her.

The 28-year-old has delivered some stunning performances over the years. Relive her hottest movie moments below:  


Spring Breakers

In her most significant role since High School Musical, Vanessa starred in Spring Breakers as a student looking for a good time. The actress spends most of the movie in a bikini alongside Selena Gomez and the cringeworthy James Franco, and the cult hit helped kick start Vanessa’s career.


The Frozen Ground

Although Nicolas Cage and John Cusack got main billing in 2015 thriller The Frozen Ground, Vanessa had a pretty major role in Scott Walker’s serial killer movie. Vanessa plays stripper and escort Cindy Paulson, who spends a lot of the movie pole dancing. It’s one of Vanessa’s best performances.


Freaks Of Nature

Vanessa plays a sexy vampire seductress in 2015’s campy horror Freaks Of Nature, which should be all you need to know… The movie is a lot of fun, and Vanessa looked like she enjoyed every minute of this hilariously gruesome flick.


Sucker Punch

Zach Schneider’s confusing 2011 movie Sucker Punch focuses on a young woman who’s sectioned to a mental institution, and then envisions her surroundings as a brothel. The woman, played by Emily Browning, imagines Hudgens as one of the dancers/prisoners in the brother who tries to help her escape… or something like that. It’s a real mess, but it remains one of Hudgens’s hottest roles.

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