These Are The Unhealthiest Christmas Drinks You Can Buy On The High Street

On a diet? These are the drinks to avoid this Xmas...

Unhealthy Christmas drinks
Unhealthy Xmas What's the most calorific drink on the high street? Image Getty Images

Most people put on a few extra pounds over Christmas, that’s just a fact of life.

Food is always seen as the biggest indulgence at his time of year, and while turkey and pigs in blankets aren’t going to do your waistline any favours, it could actually be drinks that play havoc with your health this year.

Some of us enjoying nothing better than treating ourselves to a coffee or a hot chocolate on the high street, but people should be aware how much bad stuff is packed into their favourite festive drinks.

According to The Sun, there are surprisingly large amounts of sugar and fat stuffed into the limited edition Christmas drinks available from coffee chains this winter, and the worst offenders have now been revealed.

If you’re looking to stay in shape this December, the drink you really need to avoid is Costa’s Mint Hot Chocolate, which contains a staggering 420 calories.

Costa's Christmas drink

In fact, Costa is the worst chain in terms of calorific drinks, and their Orange Hot Chocolate is also the second also 414 calories – which is 150 more than you’ll find in a Big Mac.

See the 5 most calorific drinks on the high-street listed below:

  1. Costa’s Mint Hot Chocolate (420 calories)
  2. Costa’s Orange Hot Chocolate with whole milk (414 calories)
  3. Costa’s Black Forest Hot Chocolate (405 calories)
  4. Caffe Nero’s Salted Caramel Latte with whipped cream (327 calories)
  5. Caffe Nero’s Spiced Orange Latte (326 calories)

All five are surprisingly bad for you, and if you’re looking to stay fit this festive season, it’s probably best to stay well away.

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