These Are The Sex Positions That Burn The Most Calories

These positions can be more beneficial than a gym workout... and much more fun.


People go to all kinds of lengths to stay in shape, but the secret to getting fit could be much simpler than you’d think.

In fact, did you know that sex can be a great way to burn calories? Sex can be more beneficial than a workout at times, and let’s face it – it’s definitely more fun than a session at the gym…

Fitness Magazine has put together a guide of the sex positions that double as exercise, and can help people get seriously fit in the bedroom.

Speaking to the magazine, Stacy Berman, a fitness trainer and founder of Stacy’s Boot Camp in New York, revealed the sex positions that are most likely to help you stay in shape.

Give them a try – they can help you lose weight AND have fun all at the same time.



cowgirl sex position

The cowgirl position can be great for burning calories, especially if you add in one or two alterations. While the position is mainly beneficial for the woman, guys can also add crunches and abdominal tensing to boost core strength maximise the position’s health benefits.

“To make it even more intense, she can come up onto her feet, almost like a squat over him. That’s all butt, legs, and hips,” Berman told Fitness Magazine. “If she gets up onto her feet and leans onto her hands, she’ll also have to use her upper body to balance.”


Doggy Style

doggy sex position

Not only does this position work your core muscles, quadriceps and glutes, but the position can also be modified to turn it into more of a workout. The position can be the most effective in terms of aerobic and cardio workouts too, with both partners adding their own resistance.

Berman tells Fitness Magazine: “If the woman has her hands on a wall in front of her and sort of uses her upper body to help thrust, that would be a good shoulder and upper body workout.”



missionary sex position

You might not think it, but missionary can be great to your fitness. As well as providing great cardio opportunities, the position can improve core strength too. As with all of the positions though, the more you put in, you more you get out.

“It depends on how enthusiastic you are about it, but missionary can be great for the core muscles,” Berman tells Fitness Magazine. “If your partner is thrusting toward you, you want to have an equal and opposite thrust back, and that requires a lot of core strength. It actually will start burning.”



standing sex position

While standing sex can be tricky – especially as it normally involves the man lifting up his partner – Berman claims it can be a great way to boost core and upper-leg strength. It might be one of the hardest positions to pull off for extended periods of time, but the health rewards are evident.



scissors sex position

One of the more unconventional positions on the list, ‘scissors’ can be a good way to improve inner-thigh strength and core strength, particularly for the female partner. It might be one of the less common positions on the list, but mixing up your time in the bedroom with the position could soon pay dividends. “When you squeeze your inner thighs, the core will naturally contract as well,” Berman tells Fitness Magazine.

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