The 10 Best Christmas Movies On Netflix Right Now

Netflix and chill with this festive selection.

Macualay Culkin in Home AloneImage Picture 20th Century Fox

They say Christmas is a time for sharing with the ones you love, but sometimes all you want to do over the festive season is get cosy under the covers and watch a movie on your own.

Let’s face it, watching a festive film with your folks is always a bad idea. No-one can ever agree on what to watch, and your parents end up falling asleep half-way through anyway. Instead, it’s probably best to stick something on Netflix and chill we reckon.

loaded rounds up the ten best Christmas movies available on Netflix right now. ‘Tis the season after all…



Bill Murray brings Dickens up to speed with this brilliant update of the famous Christmas Carrol story. After all, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without an appearance from Murray at some point, would it?


Home Alone

One of the undisputed Christmas classics, Home Alone is well worth a revisit this festive season. The 1990 original launched the career of MacAuley Culkin, and you know it makes sense to watch it again this year.


Jingle All The Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger searches desperately for an elusive Turbo Man doll in this Xmas romp. Yeah it’s goofy and sentimental, but you can’t have enough Schwarzenegger when it comes to Christmas.


A Very Murray Christmas

Didn’t we say you can’t have enough Murray at Christmas! Last year’s Netflix exclusive is still available, and if you haven’t seen it yet, this cameo-heavy special is well worth catching up on.


White Christmas – Black Mirror

This terrifying feature length Black Mirror episode was made for TV, but for all intents and purposes it’s essentially a movie. White Christmas is almost undoubtedly the best thing Charlie Brooker has ever done, and both Rafe Spall John Hamm deliver brilliant performances in the 2014 one-off. It’ll change the way you feel about Wizzard’s I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day’ forever too.


Decks The Halls

Available from December 21, Danny Devito’s festive favourite Deck The Halls might be the fun family Christmas comedy you need this year. Matthew Broderick and Sex And The City’s Kristin Davis also star in the 2006 movie.


Christmas With The Kranks

Tim Allen leads this 2004 festive movie, which explores some of the true meanings of Christmas – like rowing with neighbours and feeling increasingly lonely over the holidays as you get older… wait, what?


Love Actually

At first glance Love Actually might seem like little more than a soppy romcom. However, Emma Thompson is flawless as the late Alan Rickman’s wronged wife in the 2003 movie, and her performance alone makes it worth a watch.



Miracle on 34th Street

 Richard Attenborough stars as Santa in the 1994 remake of the Christmas classic. Heart-warming and feel-good, this is the movie to raise your spirits this Christmas.




Die Hard

Don’t let anyone tell you any different – Die Hard is definitely a Christmas movie. Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman go head to head in the timeless thriller, which is perfect for any festive film binge. If ever there was a movie made to be watched with a Baileys on Boxing day, this is it.

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