These 7 Sex Positions Look Painful And Slightly Stupid

Better start stretching....

These sex positions aren't for those out of shape... Image Picture BBC

Are you bored in the bedroom? We might have found the solution for your sex woes, if you’re a gymnast. 

While positions like missionary and doggy style are the fail-safe choices for many couples, for others its just not enough. There are countless suggestions all over the interweb for inventive ways to get it on; some are serious while others are obviously taking the piss, either way, its good for a laugh.

We found some truly stupid sex positions that will help you break a sweat and possibly a bone or two.



The Butter Churner

While it looks like more strain than fun, apparently this position will send blood to the ladies head, increasing her ecstacy. Sounds and looks like bullshit to us. 





The Ape

Apparently this position is meant to aid her G-spot, which is a vital component of the female orgasm. It looks like a trip to the chiropractor to us. 

So Feminine



The Butterfly

This looks supremely awkward and the gateway to a very embarrassing flatulence situation. 

Sex Positions Club



The Tower Bridge

Bad Girl’s Bible came up with this doozy, to mimic Golden Gate Bridge.

Bad Girl's Bible



The Waterfall

With this position you can catch up with what’s on telly while having a shag. 

Ask Men



The Twisted Doggy

This one is great if you missed leg day, squat your way to pleasure. So dumb. 



The Speedbump

This looks like they just fell over after one too many. 



We dare you to try any of these.

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