These 7 Lazy Fitness Hacks Actually Work With Zero Effort

Here's how to get fit without lifting a finger.

Gym workout
Gym This is one workout we could get used to

Summer is getting closer and closer, and people are hitting the gym harder than ever.

Well, healthy people are anyway. Here at loaded though, we’ve been slacking on the fitness front recently, and it got us thinking – is there a way we can get fit without actually putting in any effort?

After all, let’s face it – we’d all love to have great figures, but not all of us can actually be arsed to put the work in.

Don’t worry though, loaded has got your back: here are 7 lazy fitness hacks that actually work with minimal effort.


‘Napping’ fitness classes 

woman napping


There are all kinds of unorthodox fitness classes being made available around the country, and some of them claim to get you feeling healthier without actually working out at all.

‘Napping classes’ are proving more popular than ever, and people are paying to turn up at the gyms around the UK and go straight to sleep. ‘Doing nothing’ classes are also in demand, with people choosing to focus on breathing, and relaxing exercises, rather than running or lifting weights.

“There has been a shift in focus. People are realising the importance of a holistic and balanced approach to fitness. And I’ve seen far more interest in regenerative classes,” fitness manager Michelle Morrey at London’s Equinox gym said.

It’s an interesting alternative to working out, and it certainly sounds pretty relaxing.



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