These 13 Real-Life Alien Abduction Stories Will Make You Believe

Fact or fiction? Decide for yourself...


A Family History


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“I’ll start with some background information and I will say that I do not know with absolute certainty that I was abducted, but I have experienced things that I believe point in that direction. I do have a family member who is a former member of a certain intelligence agency in the United States whose name I will not disclose as I do not want to reveal too much in case someone I know finds this post.

“Anyway, I was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid (Back around 2001-2002, apparently ADHD diagnosis’s were really popular in the US, who would have known?) And when I was 4 or so I noticed I would sometimes wake up in the floor of my room or with my head resting near the foot of my bed, this is in addition to the perception of having fallen asleep for a second only to wake up in the morning a second later. I know I’ve always had an intense interest in anything involving Space really: Planets, moons, nebulae, constellations, satellites, stars, you name it. Around the time I was in 4th grade I watched some show (part of a miniseries IIRC) on the NatGeo channel I believe and it was about Alien Abductions and whatnot, I had a weird phase where I watched a bunch of shit on Discovery Times, NatGeo, Science Channel etc. Watching the aforementioned episode of that miniseries probably reinforced that fear. Anyway, I was terribly afraid of the image of a grey and not a whole lot happened up until the time the family member mentioned before moved next door. Apparently shortly after they moved in, my family found me at the end of the road our house is located on and I was nearly fucking naked (In Boxer’s ) when it was ~30°F outside and they still bring it up. Problem is, I remember none of it, and I’m told that I have a damn near perfect memory.

“A year after the family member moved next door, I was diagnosed with “High Functioning Autism”/Asperger’s/whatever it’s called now, all that matters is I hear the grays display certain traits reminiscent of autism (strict adherence to routine, severe mindfuckery on their part ensues if routine is disturbed/otherwise interrupted) and that they take interest in those with Autism, some have speculated that there’s a link. Two years after the diagnosis, I talked with the shrink who diagnosed me and I stopped taking the Zoloft due to the sexual side effects, I mean look: If you’re a 15 yo male with no sex drive, not even pushing 5’5, no acne, no facial hair, can’t even jerk off, something’s wrong. About 6 months after stopping the Zoloft (I remember GTA V came out around this time on the Xbox 360 and PS3) I saw a really, really bright light in my room, like so bright it came through the fucking walls. And yes, I know what a car light looks like, they don’t look like that. Ever since then I have been experiencing a gradual cognitive decline that almost feels like dementia and I believe my brother’s experiencing the same thing only he hasn’t spoken up about it, I tried getting help but no one really believes there’s anything wrong.

“More recently I get this feeling of being dragged out from under my blanket by my shins at night. As for drug usage, I started consuming cannabis recreationally on a fairly irregular basis starting when I was 17 (a year after the cognitive decline began, so that didn’t cause it and I know my younger brother has never done drugs.) I had my first few shots of alcohol at 13, I have probably fucked my life over and I know people will ask if I have done drugs.”



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