These 10 Netflix Horror Movies Are So Scary, Viewers Can’t Finish Them

New data produced by Netflix has revealed the movies that scare you stiff.

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Have you ever watched a horror movie so frightening, you’ve been forced to turn it off rather than sit through the remainder and get scared witless?

Though the notion might seem ridiculous to some, it’s a very real notion to others.

In fact, Netflix contacted Forbes to reveal that not only do viewers sometimes struggle to make it through horror movies, they even know the scary films that terrify them most.

The criteria used by Netflix to produce the list made sense – basically, in order for a film to qualify, the user had to have made it through at least 70 per cent of the movie.

This was an important caveat and one that makes a lot of sense on close inspection. Basically, Netflix surmised that the 70 per cent threshold ensured the list didn’t feature any films that were simply bad rather than scary.

After all, if people truly hated a movie, they would turn it off long before then.

The list makes for interesting reading, with each of the movies featured either earning solid reviews, big money at the box office or, at the very least, a cult following.

Here’s the 10 in no particular order – have you made it all the way through all 10?


Cabin Fever


Carnage Park


México Bárbaro


Piranha 3D






The Conjuring


The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence


The Void



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