There’s A Very Serious Bacon Shortage In the USA Right Now

The little piggy isn't going to the market

Image Picture UK Space Agency (Max Alexander). Star City, Moscow.

America is facing many crises of late but one issue that has arisen which loaded doubts will ever be protested is bacon. That’s right; there’s a bacon shortage in the USA due to Americans consuming the pork product a little too much.

Pig farmers are struggling to keep up with the demand reports The Daily Beast with bacon ‘reserves’ hitting their lowest numbers in 50 years.

This information comes from a nonprofit ‘pork council’ based in Ohio which estimates that despite pig farmers producing more pigs than ever, the reserves are still reducing too quickly. Only in America would there exist a pork council.

Due to this problem, pork belly prices have increased by 20 percent. Breakfast just got pricey.

Why are people eating so much bacon despite its health risks? Which include high cholesterol and heart attack.

Perhaps it’s because bacon has become embedded in the millennial culture, which seems fascinated with flavouring everything with the meat product. There’s bacon lip balm, bacon condoms, bacon roses, bacon deodorant, toothpaste, and lollipops. Phew.


The surge could also be from comfort eating due to their grim political future thanks to the head hog, Trump.

Theories abound, but if push comes to shove, there’s always turkey.

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