There’s A Restaurant That Offers Women Discounts Based On Bra Size

You can save an absolute bundle – provided you have a G cup.

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A restaurant in China has made headlines around the world for its very unique and ever-so-slightly offensive discount system, which offers women money off food based on their bra size.

The news broke after photographs of a sign, detailing the discount system at the Trendy Shrimp restaurant in Hangzhou, went viral online.

The Qianjiang Evening Post reports that the sign depicted women lining up, stripped down to their underwear, alongside the caption “the whole city is looking for breasts.” Wow.

According to the signs, women with an A cup size bra can get a five per cent discount while women sporting a G cup receive as much as 65 per cent off. This is insane.

Despite the controversy surrounding the discount system restaurant General Manager Len Shenggang is quoted in the Evening Post has defended the sales strategy.

Crazy restaurant sign.
This is crazy You wouldn't see this in Wetherspoons. Image @thaimythbuster

“Once the promotion started, customer numbers rose by about 20%,” he said. “Some of the girls we met were very proud – they had nothing to hide.”

Anlegerplus is now reporting that the poster has been banned and removed from the restaurant’s window – but the discount strategy will continue.

Don’t expect to see this sort of thing in Europe anytime soon – not that there aren’t some controversial cafes on the continent – including one that offers patrons fellatio alongside a hot drink.

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