There’s A New Type Of Gym Class Designed To Boost Your Sexual Appeal

Pheromone Improvement Training or P.I.T. sounds like a challenge.

Sweaty But in a good way Image Gymbox

A very different kind of workout, one which could seriously boost your live life, is being offered by a leading UK gym.

Pheromone Improvement Training, or P.I.T. for short, is the brainchild of gym giants Gymbox and represents the first class created to specifically boost sex appeal.

It’s all to do with pheromone secretion. According to most experts, these natural pheromones play an essential biological role in helping people find a partner.

So Gymbox is pulling out all the stops to help you pull with P.I.T. participants kitted out with a special sweat suit designed to make you ooze as much of the clear stuff as possible.

GYMBOX has created P.I.T. (Pheromone Improvement Training) the first ever fitness class guaranteed to get you lucky in love.

Classes last 20 minutes, the optimum time to produce sweat, and include exercises targeting the body’s key sweat points – the forehead, lower back, armpits and groin.

While working out, the studio’s air conditioner is also turned off to ensure
with the key pheromone, Androstenone ,comes to the fore.

As Anne-Marie Lategan, Human Movement Specialist explains:

“Androstenone is the pheromone found in human sweat that acts as an aphrodisiac before it becomes stale on the body. By harnessing this scent in a gym class, it’s clear GYMBOX is letting those looking for love know that they don’t just have to look good, but smell even better to attract a partner.”

There is one slight drawback though: post-work out showers and the use of any kind of deodorant or cleaning product is prohibited in a bid to ensure the effects of the workout do not wear off.

Still, it’s probably worth it if you end up meeting that special someone.

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