There Is Now Botox For Your Bumhole

Would you try it?

Botox for your butthole...that's gotta hurt.

Cosmetic procedures are focusing on our nether regions more than ever before, and the latest cosmetic craze is all about the butt hole…

We’ve previously looked at ways to improve your penis, including penis freezing and Scrotox. Well, now you can get a packaged deal, with everything down there smoothed out and looking fabulous [via Vice].

Anal Botox is used by people to correct a range of things, but usually, people get it it things down there have gotten too loose or too tight for whatever reason. It also helps with skin tags, warts, and hemorrhoids.

Butt-ox can also make the area less wrinkled and taut, creating a smooth surface. It can also be beneficial when it comes to anal fissures, which can happen to everyone.

Injections of botulism toxin can help heal a tear in the anus – which might be useful to that matador who was gored by a bull up the bum recently.

Right now the procedure is only available in the US, but there is a clinic in London that offers a slightly different form of anal rejuvenation.

Dr. Bader’s clinic in Kensington offers a laser treatment to remove darker coloured tissues in the rectal area.

Arseholes are like… well, arseholes: everyone’s got one, and it might be high time you booked a Butt-ox treatment today.

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