The Wrecking Club: The Place Where You Pay To Smash A Room To Shit

Sometimes you wanna go where the living hell out of stuff

The Wrecking Club in New York
The Wrecking Club Get ready to break stuff Image The Wrecking Club/Facebook

It was nu-metal superstars Limp Bizkit who first implored an entire generation of angry young teens to “break stuff” back in the late 1990s and they have been doing it pretty much ever since. 

Breaking stuff feels good. It allows many a pent up frustration to be released on some inanimate object and also looks cool, which is probably why so many characters in films and TV tend to smash shit up when things go wrong. 

What they never show on the big or small screen, however, is the carnage left behind and the overriding sense of guilt that begins to wash over the smasher-upper once they realise the senselessness of what they have done.

Help could finally be at hand, however, in the form of a service that gives you the chance to smash things up without having to deal with the consequences.

It’s called The Wrecking Club and is the brainchild of New York resident Tom Daly who hit upon the idea because…well, he liked to smash things up and thought other people would too.

“Breaking stuff is fun,” he tells loaded. “And I wanted to do something I enjoyed for a living.”

It’s proven to be quite the lucrative idea, with 20 minute sessions priced at $39.99 (just over £30) for those looking to share the experience with a friend, while anyone seeking a private, solo, smash-up can pay $69.99 (£55) for the privilege.

For Daly, though, it’s more about helping people deal with their emotions than turning a profit, as well as enjoy themselves a bit.

“I have seen people emerge from a session transformed,” he tells loaded.

“The Wrecking Club was created to be a fun activity.  It allows people to do things that society will not let them do in a safe environment.” 

“Many people have wanted to throw their computer sometime or another…Now they can.”

Brooklyn's badass!

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As well as computers, Daly ensures visitors are aware of the items they are allowed to smash up in any one session.

These include desks, chairs, tables, fax machines, printers, desktops, laptops, monitors, televisions, phones, copy machines, dishes, glasses, lamps, dummies and a whole lot more besides.

Daly already has his own personal preferences when it comes to choosing which items he likes smashing the hell out of, too.

“It’s 100% printers and fax machines with glass and ceramics a close second.”

Well done!

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Already attracting plenty in the way of positive buzz, Daly is not resting at Wrecking Rooms either – he wants to take the concept global.

“Corporate events and team building exercises are coming soon…then who knows!”

Someone needs to let Fred Durst know what’s going on.

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