The World’s Oldest Emoji May Have Been Found…In Slovakia

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The millennial generation may have Slovakia to thank for one of their favourite modes of communication. Curators from the National Archives in Trencin, Slovakia claimed to have discovered the world’s oldest emoji – the smiley face.

The symbol was found in documents belonging to a lawyer by the name of Jan Ladislaides who resided in the Trencin region around 1635.

The paper the smiley was found on contained a detailing of municipal accounts checked by Ladislaides. In his notes, which were mostly positive regarding the accounts, he indicates his pleasure with a happy face to conclude.

Barcroft Ringier Axel Springer

Head of the archive, Peter Brindza said, “’I do not know if it’s the oldest Slovak smiley or the world’s oldest, but it is certainly one of the oldest in the Trencin region.’ [via The Daily Mail].

Barcroft Ringier Axel Springer

Prior to this finding, it was thought that the oldest emoji in the world was from a 369-year-old poem called To Fortune by an English poet named Robert Herrick.

Ladislaides’ smiley beats Herrick’s by about 13 years.

The first ever emoji was created in 1999 by a Japanese phone provider, the word itself means, picture (e) and character (moji).

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